Did you know...

Here are some features of WhatToGive that you might not have realised were there...

Pleople can find your list from your name BUT ONLY if you have enabled this feature

Friends can search for your list either by entering one of your email addresses or by entering your name. However we weren't sure that everyone would want people to find their list knowing just their name so you have to enable this feature on the settings page. You do not currently have this feature enabled so friends will be able to use just your email address to find your list. To enable name search for your list go to the settings page and look for the "Enable name search?" option.

You can provide a welcome message to greet people viewing your list

You can enter a welcome message that will appear at the top of your list whenever friends view it. You can use this to greet people viewing your list and also to tell them how you want them to get stuff to you e.g. you might include the address to post things to or details of your bank account or PayPal account for them to pay money into. This text can contain links to other websites (just enter the full URL including the http:// bit at the start). To setup your welcome message go to the settings page and look for the "Welcome message" box.

If you let us know the date of your birthday we can send your friends a reminder

If you let us know the date of your birthday, anniversary etc. then we give friends viewing your list the option to sign up for automatic reminder emails.
Click here to add some special dates.

You can add items to your list just by mailing mylist@whattogive.com

Just send an email to mylist@whattogive.com and it will be added to your list. Email subject becomes item title, message body becomes item details. If you include a web address in the message we'll add a link to that page and do our best to grab a picture for you. You can also send pictures as an attachment! The email must come from or any of your registered email accounts (see the Settings page to add email addresses)

You can provide more than one name for people to find your list by

If you're getting married you might want friends to find your list by searching for either your name or that of your fiance. Alternatively if friends might use a nickname for you you can supply that too. Just go to the settings page and look for the "Alternate Name" box.

You can switch off email alerts to make gifts more of a surprise

With WhatToGive you get to decide whether you want to know which items have been promised. You can choose to disable email alerts - but you'll still see which items have been promised when you log in. Or you can choose not to see which items have been promised even when you log in to administer your wish list. To check and change these settings just go to the settings page and look for the "Alerts" section.

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